Participate in fire drills and build a secure "firewall" - Ailingchuang conducts fire safety drills

In order to further enhance the fire safety awareness and self-protection and self rescue capabilities of all employees, deepen the fire prevention and control work in the factory area, and resolutely prevent and curb the occurrence of various fire accidents, on the afternoon of February 8th, the full-time fire rescue team of the Footang Office entered Zhejiang Ailingchuang Mining Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out fire safety knowledge training and drills.

The propagandists of the fire rescue team provided a detailed explanation of the correct use of fire extinguishers and hydrants, demonstrated practical subjects such as fire extinguishers, water gun and hose connections, and water gun water outlet operations on site, and organized enterprise employees to conduct on-site operations one by one. In response to the problems and deficiencies in the operation process, the propagandists corrected them one by one and patiently answered the questions raised by enterprise employees, Ensure that this training enables enterprise employees to integrate the knowledge and skills they have learned, achieving the goal of combining theory with practice. ‍
Through this fire drill, the fire safety awareness and fire self rescue ability of the company's employees were enhanced, and the usage methods of fire extinguishers and hydrants were understood and mastered. A good fire safety environment was created, and "prevention is better than disaster relief" was effectively implemented.

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