Company culture



Brand positioning

a world expert in mineral processing equipment manufacturing


Core value of brand

ultra fine grinding, high enrichment, low consumption and high profit



providing advanced mineral processing equipment and technology, maximize the utilization of mineral resources


Mission statement

to provide customers with advanced and efficient beneficiation technology solutions
Build a development platform for employees to realize their self-worth
Bring continuous value-added investment return space for shareholders
Contribute to the economic growth brought by technological innovation



to become the first choice brand of mineral processing equipment in the world


Core value

honesty and pragmatism, courage to take on responsibilities and win-win cooperation


Quality concept

Quality is the embodiment of trust and reliability
Quality is the bottom line of enterprise life

Service concept

professional to meet customer needs
Strive to exceed customer expectations

Work philosophy

initiative is the premise of high quality and efficiency
The daily settlement is the guarantee to get the result

Implementation philosophy

Absolute obedience
Never give up until you get the results

Saving concept

Save no matter how much
What we save is profit

Team concept

the spirit of responsibility sharing Sharing honor

Development concept

Win win cooperation is the source of development
Continuous innovation is the driving force of development

Employment philosophy

Ability determines position
Contribution determines value
Morality decides development
Growth decides the future

Safety concept

safety first, prevention first

Brand concept

quality creates brand, brand decides the future