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ALC mill

ALC mill is mainly composed of a grinding cylinder filled with grinding media and a rotary agitator.The rotary agitator is equipped with 8 mixing plates and a product separator. Eight independent grinding chambers are formed between the stirring plates, and the grinding media circulates in each chamber, so multi-stage grinding is formed. The stirring shaft rotates at high speed to stir the grinding media, resulting in impact, shear and friction, so that the material can be superfine comminuted.

Jingrui micro bubble flotation machine

Jingrui micro bubble flotation machine is a kind of micro bubble jet flotation equipment with compact structure, low cost and high efficiency besides flotation column and conventional flotation machine.There is no mechanical mixing mechanism in the equipment, which makes use of the turbulent effect of high-speed jet and fluid to realize pulp aeration and mineralization.

Microbubble jet flotation machine has been in the leading position of non mechanical agitation flotation equipment for 30 years, and has been widely used in the fields of mineral processing flotation, fine coal deashing, oil sand tailings deoiling, etc.

Company introduction

ALC·Create value for mining enterprises

Zhejiang Ailingchuang Mining Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the research, design, manufacturing, sales, beneficiation test research, and technical consulting of high-end mining machinery and equipment. The company was established in January 2015, with a registered capital of 20.935 million yuan and a factory area of 33.8 acres.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the principle of putting people first and has a core leadership team with rich management, research and development, and marketing experience, as well as an innovative spirit. At the same time, it has created an innovative research team.


We are the manufacturer of the first fine grinding and beneficiation equipment in China, aiming at the cutting-edge technology of mining machinery in the world, and conducting scientific research and research on the problems of low grade, multi metal symbiosis, and uneven embedded particle size beneficiation.


We have successively won the first prize of the Science and Technology Award for the China Non ferrous Metals Industry, the first prize of the Jiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, and the second prize of the Science and Technology Award of the China Gold Association. Has over 50 patents.


Develop a wear-resistant material formula that takes up to 6 months to prepare grinding wheel grinding sand, reducing customer costs by 50%. The grit size can reach below 10 microns.

Service process

Customer Demand


Equipment Selection
formulate a scheme




Business Technology Contract


Equipment manufacturing
Procurement of purchased parts


Self made parts/purchased parts
Inspection and warehousing


Equipment assembly
On site debugging


send out goods


Customer on-site guidance
Installation and debugging


Quality tracking
after-sale service


Cooperative clients

At present, the product has been widely used in the non-ferrous, black, non-metallic, smelting and other industries of large enterprises such as China Gold, Shandong Gold, Zijin Group, Zhaoyuan Group, Jiangtungsten Group, Baogang Group, Tianbao Group, Jinchuan Group, etc.