Invention Patent

A multi axis stirring mill

A Mineral Grinding Process

A stirring mill and its application for grinding minerals

A large-scale sand grinder

The Control Method of Mineral Processing Fine Grinding and Its Mineral Processing Fine Grinding Control System

Utility Model

A material liquid regulation and circulation device

A high-pressure jet flotation device

A flotation bubble cleaning device

A multi tube high-pressure jet flotation device

A Cooling Mechanism for the Cylinder of a Large Horizontal Stirring Mill

Grading wheel mechanism of the mill

A Ball Adding Device for Fine Grinding Equipment

A replaceable discharge pipe lining ring for cylinder body

A replaceable feed inlet sheath

Laboratory 5L sand grinder

Lubrication mechanism for sand mill bearings

Mixing and grading mechanism of sand mill

Temperature measurement structure of sand mill machine seal

Laboratory sanding machine with dismantling device

Screen free classification structure for sand grinding machines

A shaft assisted disassembly and positioning device

A Three Axis Vertical Stirring Mill

A stirring rod for a stirring mill

A stirring mill

A Large Sand Mill Cylinder Moving Device

A Large Sand Mill Packing Sealing Structure

A Large Sand Mill Discharge Port Working Frame

Non screen graded sand grinder

Mechanical seal structure of sand mill

Cylinder structure of multi axis stirring mill

Large sand mill with shaft assisted positioning

Vertical stirring mill with magnetic cylinder

Large area wear-resistant structure of large sand mill cylinder

Soft Writing Certificate

Ai Sha Grinder Softening Certificate

Flotation machine soft coating certificate