JRF Jingrui micro bubble flotation machine

Jingrui Micro Bubble Flotation Machine

Jingrui micro bubble flotation machine is a kind of micro bubble jet flotation equipment with compact structure, low cost and high efficiency besides flotation column and conventional flotation machine.

There is no mechanical mixing mechanism in the equipment, which makes use of the turbulent effect of high-speed jet and fluid to realize pulp aeration and mineralization.

Microbubble jet flotation machine has been in the leading position of non mechanical agitation flotation equipment for 30 years, and has been widely used in the fields of mineral processing flotation, fine coal deashing, oil sand tailings deoiling, etc.


    Structure of microbubble feeder

    Working principal

    • When the micro foam floatation machine is running, the feed slurry is driven from the top of the flotation machine by the high-pressure pump, and the pressure energy of the pulp is converted into a fast flow jet through the nozzle at the upper part of the down pipe, and a negative pressure is formed in the sealing sleeve, and the air is sucked into the air through the air pipe, and the gas in the jet slurry rolls into the mineralized pipe, due to the highly turbulent action of the fluid. The gas is divided into numerous tiny bubbles and constantly collides with the ore particles to complete the mineralization process.
    • The mineralized bubbles are bubbling at the bottom of the underwash pipe, and float up to the pulp surface to form a bubble layer in the tank. The rising foam is discharged into the concentric trough after spraying and washing to be recovered.
    • The tailings slurry is discharged downward to complete separation.

    Eight features of the product


    Serial Number Specification and model Tank shape Number of down flushing pipes Motor power kw processing capacitym³/h Overall dimensions
    1 JRF500/1CL circular 1 7.5 0-8 1700x1400x6200
    2 JRF1617/1R rectangle 1 22 50 2200x1900x5200
    3 JRF1817/2R rectangle 2 45 100 3467x2699x5257
    4 JRF3217/4R rectangle 4 90 200 3467x4240x5344
    5 JRF3224/6R rectangle 6 135 300 4592x4240x5344
    6 JRF3247/10R rectangle 10 225 500 6980x4240x5650


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