ALC Mill



Product Model 10000L

3000kW Rated Power

~300t/h Treatment Capacity

2~6mm Grinding Media


    Eight features of ALC mills

    Scope and conditions of application:
    1. Can be used in the gold smelting industry to improve grinding fineness to improve recovery rate and increase gold output rate;
    2. Can be used for regrinding and ultrafine grinding in beneficiation plants for ferrous, non-ferrous, and non-metallic mines to improve concentrate grade and recovery rate;
    3. Comprehensively utilizing the industry's regrinding of target minerals to increase the added value of products;
    4. In the metallurgical industry, it can be used for grinding while soaking to improve efficiency, etc.

    High efficiency crushing and grinding technology corresponding to ore particle size

    Equipment structure and working principle

    ALC mill is mainly composed of a grinding cylinder filled with grinding media and a rotary agitator.

    The rotary agitator is equipped with 8 mixing plates and a product separator.

    Eight independent grinding chambers are formed between the stirring plates, and the grinding media circulates in each chamber, so multi-stage grinding is formed. The stirring shaft rotates at high speed to stir the grinding media, resulting in impact, shear and friction, so that the material can be superfine comminuted. Under the centrifugal force of high-speed rotation, minerals and grinding media are distributed radially from the inner wall of the axial cylinder according to the particle size from small to large, so as to realize the selective grinding of "large grinding, small grinding".

    The product separator at the discharge end has the function of internal classification, which can discharge the qualified products out of the mill, and leave the media and particles whose particle size does not meet the requirements in the mill for furthergrinding, so as to realize open circuit grinding, narrow particle size distribution of products and simplify the production process.

    Eight Features of ALC mills

    Structure diagram

    Performance parameter

    Model Overall dimensions(mm) rated power(KW) Treatment capacity Grinding fineness P80 particle size(μm) Grinding media (mm) Equipment weight (kg)
    1.5L 240x160x620 0.75 400 ~ 600g/批 5~60 0.3-2 20
    5L 1100x500x1150 4 45~115kg/h 5-60 1-2 300
    20L 1510x800x1500 22 100 ~ 1000kg/h 15-40 1-3 900
    100L 3950x1000x2030 55 1 ~ 3t/h 15-40 2-6 3200
    500L 5860x1350x2460 200 3 ~ 10t/h 15-40 2-6 9200
    1000L 8750x1300x1830 400 30t/h 15-40 3-6 10300
    1500L 12450x1820x1710 560 10 ~ 40t/h 15-40 3-6 23500
    3900L 15200x1850x1850 1120 30 ~ 100t/h 15-40 3-6 34000
    5000L 18000x2000x2500 1600 150t/h 15-40 3-6 40000
    10000L 20000x2700x3000 3000 60 ~ 240t/h 15-40 3~6 75000

    ·The voltage of 1.5L ~ 1000 is 380V; the voltage of 1500L ~ 10000l is 10000v or 6000V
    ;·The treatment capacity refers to the treatment capacity of grinding iron ore when feeding -70% of -200 mesh and discharging 80% of -325 mesh


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