Moving forward, grateful for having you unite and progress together to reap the future

Team building activities are beneficial to the physical and mental health of employees, exercise physical fitness, improve team cohesion, strengthen communication and exchange among employees, enrich their leisure cultural life, and cultivate excellent qualities of perseverance and courage to fight.
On April 9, 2022, all employees of Zhejiang Ailingchuang Mining Technology Co., Ltd. held a team building activity with the theme of "Moving Forward, Gratitude, Unity, Progress, and Harvest the Future" at the Sirius Sports Outdoor Camp in Lion Mountain Park, Luodian.

Although the team building and expansion journey is arduous, we all enjoy it. Let us understand how to live happily, work happily, and the greatest strength of a team!
In this team building activity, we also welcomed another year of the life of a colleague. Today we gather here with sweetness, smiles, warmth, and blessings to celebrate this unforgettable birthday for General Sun Xile.

As Guo Dong shared, "A team is called a team when one's hearts are together, and a group when each has their own thoughts." The company's progress from 0 to 1, from difficulties to continuous growth, cannot be separated from the joint efforts of everyone. In this event, we have worked hard together, fought hard, persevered, and experienced. These experiences will be the eternal spiritual wealth of all of us in our lives.


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