Summary of Future Development Trends of Mining Machinery and Equipment

The authoritative explanation for mining equipment: Mining machinery refers to machinery specialized in mining, beneficiation, and exploration. The large number of cranes, conveyors, ventilators, and drainage machinery used in mining operations are collectively referred to as mining machinery equipment. Mining machinery equipment is a type of machinery that processes ore and makes low-quality ore valuable for utilization. Separate valuable minerals from gangue. Narrowly speaking, machinery directly used for mineral mining and beneficiation operations. Including mining machinery and mineral processing machinery. Broadly speaking, mining machinery also belongs to the category of mining machinery. Equipment such as crushing and grinding equipment belong to the category of mining machinery.
As is well known, regardless of the type of mining machinery and equipment, the market or development in the past two years has not been as good as before, and it may be precisely because of this that people are extremely concerned about the future development of mining machinery and equipment. In fact, regardless of the economic development environment, the future development of mining machinery and equipment is still foreseeable. Ai Lingchuang summarized as follows:

Large scale
China has entered the ranks of a major producer, consumer, and importer of mining machinery, but it is large but not strong. Based on the current situation in the mining machinery industry, Chinese mining machinery enterprises should further deepen reform, actively adjust their industry and product structure, transform their economic growth mode, enhance their independent innovation capabilities, accelerate the research and development of high-end mining machinery, beneficiation equipment, crusher equipment, and key components, further improve product quality and strengthen service awareness, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the entire industry, and adhere to the path of green innovation, Only then can we achieve sustainable development that is both good and fast, and achieve the goal of transforming from big to strong.
With the advancement of computer technology, unmanned mining technology has been promoted, shifting from traditional automatic or remote mining techniques to intelligent mining, digital communication, and other unmanned mining directions. Digitalization has depicted a new perspective for mines, mining and integrating enterprise information resources, achieving the reengineering of open-pit mining industrial processes, completing the construction and integration of subsystems such as geological environment modeling, production plan formulation and execution, production scheduling, product quality monitoring, equipment condition diagnosis, personnel allocation, material flow, fund flow, engineering disaster warning, local environmental monitoring, and expert evaluation and decision-making under special working conditions, Make the entire enterprise a complete and smooth management system.
Automated unmanned working face mining is the development direction of underground or hazardous environment mining, and is also an effective way to ensure safe mining of working faces. By comprehensively utilizing mining science, automation technology, communication technology, computer science and technology, the basic theoretical research and development of new technologies and equipment for automated unmanned working face mining will be carried out, leading to the development of mining machinery towards roboticization and intelligence. The structural health of mining machinery directly affects the safety of mining production and the safety of miners. The self detection and self diagnosis system of mining machinery adopts an intelligent structure that integrates sensors, controllers, and actuators. It endows certain intelligent functions and life features such as structural health self diagnosis, environmental adaptation, and damage self repair, achieving the goal of enhancing structural safety, reducing quality, reducing energy consumption, and improving performance, It is the direction for online monitoring of major mining machinery products in the future.
Mining machinery is a major consumer of resources and a source of pollution. To achieve harmonious development in the natural environment, mining machinery is required to be "ecologically oriented", utilizing various advanced technologies to continuously innovate manufacturing modes, resources, and processes, so that products do not produce environmental pollution or minimize environmental pollution throughout their entire life cycle, with the highest resource utilization rate and the lowest energy consumption, ultimately achieving the coordination of enterprise economic and social benefits. Efficient and zero pollution fuel cell mining machinery has great development prospects.
The product development of global product development enterprises in the mechanical manufacturing industry is not about self imposed closed door manufacturing, but about open public platforms and social resources. The demand for economic construction also promotes the development of mining machinery. The mining machinery manufacturing industry has gone through a development path of introducing, digesting, and absorbing advanced foreign technologies, cooperative design and manufacturing, and independent design. At the same time, there is a certain distance from the level of developed countries in terms of primitive development and engineering of new industries, new equipment, and new technologies. In fact, based on the above five development trends, we do not need to worry about the future of mining machinery and equipment. Even if external economic development declines, it is believed that the development of mining machinery and equipment is still foreseeable. Of course, if you have any objections to the above content, you can also report it to Ailingchuang. Communication and exchange can promote better and faster development of the industry.
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