Sunshine Journey Fun Hiking

Hiking is actually a deep journey, but also a spiritual journey. Touching the purest natural rhythm, walking through the most instinctive of human beings, calming down during the process, engaging in conversations with oneself, experiencing the warmth of life, and listening to the voice of the soul.
Hiking is a form of asceticism in a certain sense, relying solely on personal abilities rather than external forces, relying solely on one's own legs rather than mechanical forces, and measuring one's own feelings step by step.
On the morning of March 11th at 9 o'clock, everyone gathered at the entrance of the Wisdom Temple on time, preparing to start climbing.

Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, take a break from the tense work pace, and fully integrate your body and mind into nature. Breathing the fresh air in the mountains, accompanied by the fragrance of wild flowers on the roadside, every little friend is enthusiastic and energetic. On the rugged mountain road, we constantly climb, dare to move forward, challenge the front, and break through ourselves.
Even if someone is already exhausted or experiencing physical discomfort on the way, with the encouragement and help of their peers, and with their own efforts and persistence, they still continue to move forward after rest and do not give up.

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